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The most exciting chapter of my life is about to begin ~ e.HopePhotography ~ My Journey to become a Mamma

I used to be a kind of sad person... I put on a smile, but I lived a life truly believing I'd never meet "the one" or have a family to call my own.  I actually took some drastic measures at 26 & had a tubal ligation procedure.  Fast forward a decade, married to THE best man on the planet (guys he married meeee, he's a Saint I tell ya... and an overgrown 8 year old, but I digress) and we want to have a baby!  I just completed my month of tests and rushed off to the doctor today to plan out our IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycle.  I came away from the appointment with 3 things.  

1. An order to lose 50 lbs ... FIFTY POUNDS... yep, needs to happen

2. I am the hormone QUEEN... guys, 95th percentile for my age, the AMH levels of a woman 10 years younger...  and don't we all know it.  Hormones = Emotions, and I have all of them. All.of.them.  

3. I'm a self pay customer (even if my ah-mazing insurance did cover fertility treatments, I'd be excluded due to my elective procedure ten years ago) and so, you guessed it, 10-20k, and that's assuming we strike gold by the 2nd try.  

At status quo,  it will take a little while to achieve our dream, but guys, I'm going to be 37 in December (ouch) and I am READY to be a Mamma!  We are two hard working folks who each work a full time, demanding day job in addition to running e.HopePhotography together in our "spare" time.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work harder for what we want, and make our dreams of having a family of our own come true!  

As we bust our buts literally and figuratively to make this happen, the only thing we ask for, is help in getting us out there.  Share!  Share our page, share our pictures, share this blog!  This business is built primarily from word of mouth referrals.  

I get all teary eyed when I think of our amazing clients, family and friends.   The love, support and encouragement we've received over the last five years has been amazing and we are so looking forward to this next chapter! Thanks to each and every one of you reading this <3